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Hope for Our Sisters, Inc. is very fortunate to have the heart and excellent photographic talent of Judy Long. For many years Judy’s friends encouraged her to sell her photos, but she never felt right about that. In the fall of 2011, after learning what a fistula was and about the women and girls who suffer from it, Judy decided to use her photographs to fight fistula. Since then, Judy brings her cards with her everywhere as a fistula conversation starter and, as a result, she has shared the plight of those suffering from fistula with many people. Through her efforts, she has already raised enough money in card sales to provide for the repair and restoration of many girls and women.

Hope for Our Sisters, Inc. is interested in encouraging the next generation to use their talents to help those who suffer from fistula.  Hope for Our Sisters, Inc. is privileged to have two next generation photographers on our team, Georgia Balentine (right) and Jessi Johnson (left) in the included photograph.  Georgia and Jessi have also helped to fund fistula surgeries with the sale of their handmade cards.

Georgia, age, 14, created the Sea and Surf collection after spending her family vacation in Washington State last summer.

Jessi, age 10, created the Butterfly Collection. She began this project last summer while visiting her Aunt and Uncle in Wisconsin. She expanded her collection this spring while spending some time at the Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts

Please contact us to inquire about making and/or selling greeting cards on behalf of women and girls suffering from fistula.

Count Coins

In March, a few ladies from the Newburyport area attended a “Hope for Our Sisters” tea with Mimi Johnson.  It was a meaningful day and many eyes were opened to the heartache of women suffering from fistula.  In the days and weeks following the tea, hearts continued to be stirred and the ladies invited their friends and daughters to be part of a simple evening fundraiser- collecting and counting our spare change in hopes of funding one surgery.  A simple explanation of the evening’s purpose was given and then the ladies chatted while the girls COUNTED!  Seven girls counted over $350 in change! (You should have seen their grubby hands!!!)  A challenge was issued to the group to fund a number of surgeries, and our youngest member, 7-year-old Olivia Buckley, proposed that we raise enough funds this year to cover the cost of 10 surgeries!  We are convinced that God used that first tea to bring this group to where it is now… a multi-generational, mission-minded small group of ladies and girls who are encouraging each other to truly be “salt and light” in this world.










Host a Fundraiser

“I learned about fistula from my friend, Brooke Sulahian, and was horrified that this atrocity was happening and the lives of so many girls and women were being destroyed.  Then I discovered that it costs a mere $450 to repair fistula and restore hope to these girls.  I decided to help make a difference through my job with the Pampered Chef — we could raise awareness of fistula and money for the much-needed surgeries in a fun and enjoyable manner, and that’s just what we did!” – Vivian Su, Pampered Chef Consultant

Visit Vivian’s Pampered Chef web page here.