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We advocate for women and girls suffering from fistula by sharing their stories and raising support for the effective treatment and prevention of this hope-destroying condition. We partner with doctors, foundations, and others committed to caring for these women and girls and bringing an end to fistula. Our goal is for hope to be renewed in each woman and girl’s heart.


We take a three-pronged, full-cycle approach to combating fistula:

Prevention – We support educational programs in Surkhet, Nepal to enable health workers to both prevent fistula and identify women suffering from fistula. We are currently helping to start a prevention program in Angola as well.

Treatment – Through a partnership with two hospitals in Lubango and Kalukembe, Angola, we fund surgical fistula repair.

Empowerment/Restoration – In the city of Goma and the territory of Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we support programs that help victims of fistula and/or sexual violence gain occupational skills, address gender issues, and learn about justice issues, family planning, and health. Through solidarity groups, these women can become influential members of their communities and agents for positive change.


We are very thankful to our donors who enable us to change the lives of women, one woman at a time.


“We were so happy to contribute to your organization because we know that our donation will directly help a young woman gain back her health and self esteem.”
HFOS Donor