Executive Committee

Debra Angeloni

Debra first learned about fistula at a Grace Chapel Faithlift Women’s Conference, where Brooke spoke about the issue and her experience reading Half the Sky. After hearing Brooke speak, Debra asked to get involved, becoming the first Executive Committee Member.

Debra has an extensive background in corporate training and development, event planning, and community outreach.  Since joining Hope for Our Sisters, she has focused on developing training, providing outreach, and raising awareness.  She not only speaks at teas and events, but has designed the training used by Hope for Out Sisters to prepare representatives to present at teas, market their tea events, and sell items.

In addition to Hope for Our Sisters, Debra currently serves on several local and national nonprofit committees and works as a community volunteer. She holds an MS from Boston University.


Judy Long

Judy first heard about fistula at a conference at Grace Chapel in 2011. She later attended a tea where Brooke and her team encouraged people to understand this problem and become part of the solution. Judy wanted to get involved  and God revealed to her that her part would be to make cards that could be sold to help those with fistula. It brings Judy great joy. She loves sharing the vision of Hope for Our Sisters and getting other people involved.

Judy taught second grade in Waltham, Massachusetts for 36 years and retired 12 years ago. An avid photographer, Judy loves sharing her art with others.


Brooke Sulahian

Following a successful thirteen-year career in Human Resources and four years as a stay-at-home mom, Brooke’s eyes were opened to the suffering and injustice that afflict her brothers and sisters around the world. This occurred in June of 2010 after reading The Hole in Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns, and Half the Sky, by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The plight of women and girls suffering under the weight of fistula captured her heart.  As a result, she co-founded a volunteer group in October of 2010, which led to the founding of Hope for Our Sisters, Inc. in January of 2012. She wants to see those with fistula fully healed, and to see this hope-destroying condition eradicated.

In addition to her work with Hope for Our Sisters, she founded Gathering for Hope in 2010 and  leads the Lexington, MA chapter. Gathering for Hope is an organization that equips and mobilizes women to serve according to their individual calling. She is driven by her hope that women and girls around the world will one day be fully cherished and valued as God intended. Brooke lives in the Boston area with her husband and two young children.